Alexander Marmureanu

Alexander Marmureanu

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Alexander Marmureanu, MD

Welcome to California Heart & Lung Surgery Medical Center. The center was established in 2002 by
Dr. Alexander Marmureanu, a highly-experienced  Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon.

Although surgery can be intimidating, our center offers the latest advances in:
Minimally Invasive
Thoracic Surgery

Minimally Invasive
Cardiovascular Surgery

Located in Los Angeles, California Heart & Lung Surgery Medical Center strives to serve not only patients from Southern California, but any patient wanting outstanding medical care.
Our offices are located at:
UCLA Medical Center
St Vincent Cardiac Care Institute

We offer unparalleled patient care, provided by a professional physician always ready to serve you.

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Contact us if you have additional questions or wish to schedule an appointment with our physician.