Alexander Marmureanu

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Alexander Marmureanu, MD

Alexander Marmureanu

Dr. Alexander R. Marmureanu

Dr. Marmureanu is the founding physician of California Heart & Lung Surgery Medical Center. He maintains a busy, active Cardiothoracic Surgery practice in Los Angeles with special expertise in the field of minimally invasive surgery. Having trained and practiced at a number of internationally prominent hospitals, such as NYU, Mount Sinai and UCLA, he brings a wealth of valuable experience to the California Heart & Lung Surgery Center.

Dr. Marmureanu completed his General Surgery Residency and a Research Fellowship at New York University Medical Center in New York City. He then continued his surgical training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City where he was actively involved in the field of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery research. His Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship was completed at UCLA, where he subsequently joined the UCLA faculty as Clinical Instructor in the Department of Surgery. Dr. Marmureanu was then appointed Director of Thoracic Surgery at Century City Hospital, where he built a very successful Center for Thoracic Surgery.

Dr. Marmureanu has authored numerous research papers and publications and is a member of multiple organizations and committees, both nationally and internationally. Active in both local and international charitable causes, Dr. Marmureanu donates his time by traveling to Eastern Europe to help train local surgeons both in the operating room and through lectures at educational forums.

Dr. Marmureanu’s Résumé

St Vincent Cardiac Care Institute

201 South Alvarado St,
Suite 321

Los Angeles, CA 90057

UCLA Medical Center

100 UCLA Medical Plaza

Suite 410

Los Angeles, CA 90024

Dr. Marmureanu can be reached at his offices:

Phone: (310) 208-4400